Message from the Principal

Be Sure to Pursue the Truth with Ambition

Mineo Kurihara

  Yokohama Science Frontier High School was established in 2009. Our students have been making the most use of their school life to improve themselves: studying in class, researching at laboratories, participating in activities off campus and at the student council after school. I see them as generous to their classmates and positive about spending their precious time here. I am sure that students admire and emulate the attitude of the senior students. They are moving forward and developing school traditions.

    YSFH is a public school focusing on science and mathematics courses. We have a clear vision to bring up leaders with knowledge of science and technology to contribute on the world stage. We emphasize science education and global communication. Science education represents the knowledge of advanced science, engineering and technology, and critical and logical thinking. Global communication teaches communication skills in English for global solutions. There are two inevitable elements to achieve their goal. One is “the pursuit of the truth”, in which students think, learn and seek. The other is “ambition” to move to higher ideals. I hope students come and follow our science tradition with clever minds and youthful enthusiasm.