Message from the Supreme Advisor

  Dr. Akiyoshi Wada has been the Supreme Advisor of YSFH since April 1, 2008. He was the first scientist in the world to propose automated high-speed technology for deciphering DNA sequence. He devotes himself to nurture young scientists.

Seeking the Truth and Creating an Atmosphere of Enterprise

Dr. Akiyoshi Wada
Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo
Special Advisor of RIKEN

  “Science” is an academic field that requires one to look closely at things and then think about them logically and methodically from first principles. It provides guidelines for solving a diverse range of problems in the fields of both natural and social sciences. Herein also lies the magnificence of flying the “skies of intellectual inquiry,” using the engine of wisdom powered by the fuel of knowledge. The tremendous usefulness of scientific thinking is demonstrated by the fact that, although there are few people who switch from social to natural science, there is an active flow of human resources from natural sciences to social sciences.

  Not only science but all academic fields are enjoyable if the knowledge resonates in the hearts and minds of students as they learn. Necessary for this resonance are genuine experience of experiments and fieldwork, admiration for great historical figures and one’s elders, candid discussion between friends and colleagues, lofty vision and a broad perspective, and time to think things through thoroughly. In just such a “truth-seeking” atmosphere, talking informally with students and teachers alike, I hope to create a high school where the thrill of enterprise can be enjoyed.